From the Roots Up by Randy Camacho

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From the Roots Up: A Collection of Thoughts on Life, Faith and Politics

by Randy Camacho

From the Roots Up seeks to inform, motivate, challenge, and inspire you to look past conventional wisdom regarding life, faith, and politics. This collection of columns and stories offers thought-provoking story vignettes about everyday people and the issues they face today. Arizona native Randy Camacho has his finger on the pulse of what makes his state tick–its people. He was raised with a strong work ethic, and he knows what it means to pursue freedom and the American Dream.

In this collection of past columns and personal stories from the Arizona Republic, Camacho has included columns that cover political topics and others that profile different personal experiences, including "The Courage of Compromise," "Patriotism Trumps Dogma," "Stop and Gain Perspective," and "Freedom's Promise Shines in Many Ways." A great number of today's challenges can be overcome by gaining a new perspective from the heartfelt experiences of others, as is so poignantly illustrated in this collection.

Randy Camacho

From the Roots Up warms the soul, touches the human spirit, and provides insight into how Camacho views life, politics, and the world around us. More importantly, it demonstrates that we have more in common than we think.

Randy Camacho, currently an educator, political analyst, and writer, has a BA in secondary education from Ottawa University and an MA in administration and supervision from the University of Phoenix. He is a former congressional candidate twice endorsed by the Arizona Republic. Randy and his wife, Inez, currently reside in Tolleson, Arizona, and are blessed with two remarkable daughters, Alexzandria and Giselle and two precious grandchildren, Nadia and Tavier.

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